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Partner With Lakeside

Community Partners

We are committed to working with locally based partners and non-for-profits who proudly serve our community and neighborhood each season. We work with a diverse collective of partners who serve many of our guests throughout the year. From youth related sports activities and clinics to free theater performances to the public, Lakeside seeks to partner with organizations that help bring our community together.​

Corporate Clients

Lakeside is fortunate to have collaborated with many great corporate partners and clients to have created amazing events and experiences for our guests and visitors.  From curated food festivals, to live music concerts, DJ roller and ice skating events, and family day activities, Lakeside has been home to hundreds of public events.  In addition, Lakeside has been the host for many corporate functions, fundraisers, sponsor activations, product launches, film shoots and team building events as well.

School Groups & Camps

 Lakeside is the best place for school field trips and after school programs and activities.  Year after year, Lakeside hosts thousands of school and camp children from across the borough and beyond who come for a fun day of roller, ice skating and other recreational activities.  For many schools, visiting Lakeside is an annual tradition and we are happy to host their after school programs as well as support their fundraising initiatives.

Local Vendors

Lakeside is proud to work with many locally owned and operated businesses and bring locally sourced products to help further support our community. Working with locally based vendors helps support our communities and neighborhoods and encourages our fellow Brooklynites to shop local!

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