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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I sign up for Skate School, Hockey, and Curling? Are skate rentals included?

A: You can find information and register for Skate School and Hockey programs HERE —

Skates are included for Skate School but not for Hockey. For information and registration for Curling, please visit

Q: Are lockers available for rental?

A: Yes, a small locker is $3, and a large locker is $8. There is a 2-hour time limit.

Q: Which train should I take to reach the facility, and which entrance should I use?

A: There are two main entrances to the facility. The first entrance is on Lincoln and Ocean, off the Prospect Park Q train stop. The second entrance is on Parkside and Ocean, off the Parkside Q train stop. For detailed directions, including train information and a map, please visit our directions page 


Q: Is there public parking available at the facility?

A: During the winter season only, there is a public parking lot located inside Prospect Park on Well House Drive.

Q: Is there a value pass available for the 2023/2024 Winter Ice Skating Season?

A: The Value Pass for the 2023/2024 Winter Ice Skating Season is coming soon, and will only be available for purchase online. 

Q: Do you have a place to purchase food and drink?

A: Yes, Grub & Games at Bluestone offers a delicious selection of food and drinks for purchase.

Q: Can I bring in outside food and beverages?

A: As we have Grub & Games at Bluestone, no outside food or beverages are permitted, with the exception of a birthday cake for parties.

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